Our Mission

FSB Education is a non-profit entity that provides personal financial education to the consumer marketplace.  FSB-Education  on a mission to “Rebuild Financial Strength in the American Household.  It is our belief that the only way to truly recover from the economic woes facing our country is to have financially fit and financially literate American families.

Our goal is to provide consumers an array of both financial education and financial planning tools for the purposes of making better individual and household financial decisions and provide concrete systems to better adhere to those decisions.   According to the Federal Reserve, as of February 2015, American consumers owes $11.91 trillion in debt.  Although certain elements of this debt have either declined or plateaued in the last five years, data and broad consensus suggest that this is largely due to default rather than repayment.  The goal of FSB education is to provide the under- educated marketplace with personal financial education and tools not readily available or easily accessible in an attempt to improve the overall health of consumers and households throughout the United States.

Please contact us to find out how you can become a part of this exciting movement through Donating, Fundraising, Volunteering or Corporate Sponsorship.


FSB Education Inc.

5000 Birch St. Suite 3000, Newport Beach, CA 92660

1 (888) 732 5171         Email: info@fsbeducation.org