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Empowering American families to take control of their financial affairs by enhancing their level of financial literacy.

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A Roadmap To Improve Your Finances

Your Rapid Results Roadmap

With your membership of the FSB™ Education program you’ll be able to take advantage of our easy to follow step-by-step process to get your finances under control and start saving some serious money to build financial strength! We offer 12 sessions in the Rapid Results Roadmap to guide you through the process of building your financial foundation and show you how to continue to grow from there. Learn More

The Frugality Game™

FREE access to a fun way to learn and manage finances for the whole family

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Financial Strength Score

With your membership you can create your own personalized plan for achieving long term financial goals

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Four Foundations

With your membership you can have access to Budgeting , Savings , Debt Reduction & Credit Building tools

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Motivational Videos

With your Membership you have access to practical and easy-to-follow guidance through the Rapid Results Roadmap videos

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The Frugality Game & Chalkboard Kids

FREE Edutainment for the whole Family. The Frugality Game™ money saving system is a fun way to record and manage your finances. The Chalkboard Kidz™ is an online learning center for kids that teaches about several different financial topics. all covered in a way that is easy for kids to understand. The Chalkboard Kidz™ is an online learning center for kids that teaches about several different financial topics. Debt, savings, credit, banking, investing, giving back and other topics are all covered in a way that is easy for kids to understand. www.thefrugalitygame.com

The Financial Strength Score

Your credit score is all about the banks and reducing their risk whereas the FSS is all about you, your security, and your ability to withstand unplanned events! Your Membership gives you access to the FSS system, which creates a personalized plan for achieving long term financial goals by designing ways for you to modify your finances so that you can find additional money each month.

Library of Motivational Videos

Complementing the powerful of financial tools available in the FSB™ Education, your Membership gives you access to videos that can help change your mind set about money. These videos offer practical and easy-to-follow guidance as you journey through the 12 sessions in the Rapid Results Roadmap to get your finances under control and build financial strength. The videos will help help understand how to spend less, reduce your debt and save more.

Keys to Financial Stability

This program, offered with your Membership, automates and manages what you make, spend, and save. It helps you build a repeatable process for tracking and managing all your finances (Budget Management) while simultaneously automating the savings process (Savings System). You'll learn ways to eliminate bad debt, understand when debt can be an asset (Debt Reduction) and implement lifetime habits that will improve your credit, increase your buying power and reduce the interest you pay over your lifetime (Credit Building).

FREE Ebook to Transform Your Finances

  • Learn the hidden reasons that cause people to fail when dealing with personal finance
  • How to get unstuck and move forward making constructive, powerful changes
  • How to save hundreds of dollars with common, everyday expenses
  • How to end debt related misery
  • The secrets of highly successful financial people
  • Work sheets for tracking income and expenses
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Why FSB™ Education

Designed in response to today's need for the American household to return to financial well-being, he FSB Education program guides you along your path to financial freedom and provides the satisfaction that comes from knowing that you are in control of your money. It has everything you'll need to know, in a simple, fun-filled environment, including financial tools, every day bargains and deals, tools to monitor progress, online financial direction, and personal financial training to help you achieve fiscal strength – fast!

The Challenge of the American Household

According to the Federal Reserve, as of February 2015, American consumers owe $11.91 trillion in debt. Although certain elements of this debt have either declined or plateaued in the last five years, data and broad consensus suggest that this is largely due to default rather than repayment. The goal of FSB education is to provide the under- educated marketplace with personal financial education and tools not readily available or easily accessible in an attempt to improve the overall health of consumers and households throughout the United States.

Half of Americans responding to a June 2009 study reported that they probably couldn’t come up with $2000 in 30 days to meet an unexpected financial need. According to Federal Reserve statistics, the average household’s savings amount is only $395.

With the present state of our Nation’s economy, it has become critical to find real solutions to our current economic crisis. The health of any nation’s financial system depends on the ability of its people to effectively manage their own finances.

The Solution For Building Financial Strength

It is our belief that the only way to truly recover and grow from economic challenges is to have financially fit and literate American families.

FSB Education strives to empower American Families to take control of their financial affairs by enhancing their level of financial literacy, resulting in financial strength, at the national, local, and household levels. Through the educational programs, coaching and support Americans can begin making smarter spending changes and improve their personal economics leading to changes at the local and national levels.

In addition to an array of financial literacy tools, we include a FREE online “edutainment” tool licensed to us by  The Frugality Game. The game helps households live a better life by acquiring knowledge and developing habits that will lead to greater financial strength.